Nationalresearch N.P.OgarevMordoviaStateUniversity
invites toattend the master-class for seniour students of secondary schools


held within the grant activities “Lifelong education without dimension:
opportunities in the Russian-European integration (LED)”

in Saransk, 11-12 November 2016


The master-class is supported by the European Union Jean Monnet pro-gramme (Erasmus+ programme) which targets development of research and studies in the field of European integration.

Improving financial and legal literacy is one of the key lines of developing investment resources indicated in the Concept of a long-term socio-economic development of the Russian Federation till 2020, approved by decree of the Government of the Russian Federation on 17 November 2008 No. 1662-R.

Strategy of development of the financial market of the Russian Federation till 2020, approved by decree of the RF Government on29December, 2008 No. 2043-R looks upon the enhancement of financial and legal literacy as an important factor in developing financial market of Russia, in reinforcing stability of the financial system and fostering competitiveness of the Russian economy. It should be noted that although the social and economic effect from furthering financial and legal knowledgeis manifested gradually, the world experience proves the undeniable need for implementation of this kind of work and the inadmissibility of delay in solving this problem.

To attend the master-class the following categories of participants are invited: seniour students from secondary schools, specialised secondary schools and vocational schools, teaching staff and educators, representatives of state and local authorities, public organisations, business entities, private business.

To apply as a prospective attendee, please, send electronically the completed (registration form)
registration form to the Organising Committee before November 7, 2016 (deadline November 7, 2016)
to LED2015-2016@yandex.ru

Contact persons:
Averina Olga Ilyinichna e-mail: oiaverina@mail.ru
Gorbunova Natalia Aleksandrovna e-mail: n_a_gorbunowa@mail.ru
Moskaleva Elena Gennadievna e-mail: Moskaleva_EG@list.ru